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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 13, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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our coverage next. i'm michael eric dyson, the black lives matter movement, a strategy of description aimed at democrats and republicans. hillary clinton's campaign signals to support irs don't panic. plus, donald trump says he may have to dial back on twitter if elected. jeb bush gets his first taste of black lives matter. activists interrupted his question and answer period at a wednesday night town hall. bush tried to avoid a public confrontation. hillary clinton met behind closed doors with protesters earlier in the week. jeb bush saw activists before his town hall, it didn't stop
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the display he hoped to dodge. the candidate listened to the group as they discussed barriers to upward mobility. the campaign flatley maintained that governor bush's goal is to unite americans and not divide them. they shouted back white lives matter and all lives matter. jeb bush had no empathy for black lives matter protesters in july. martin o'malley tried to pacify activists by saying all lives matter. black lives matter seeks to hilt and correct. bush slammed the atonement. >> we're so uptight and so politically correct now, you apologize for saying lives matter? should you apologize? no, he believes that white lives matter, i hope he does. he shouldn't apologize to a group that seems to disagree with him. >> outside of jeb bush's subtle implication that black lives matter. activists do not believe that
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white lives matter. handing them the mic is a weak move. >> i would never give up my microphone. i thought that was disgusting. that showed such weakness, the way he was taken away by two young women. believe me, that's not going to happen to trump. >> i don't know about that whole issue. i'll tell you what we're doing, all lives matter, black lives matter especially now, because there's a fear in these community that is justice isn't working for them. it's about balance. >> hillary clinton bypassed the optics of a confrontation on tuesday. >> civil rights in america are still far from where they need to be. i learn this not from politics, but from my mother who taught me that everybody, everybody needs a chance and a champion. >> all lives matter. >> after receiving early criticism, she's managed to
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evade shutdowns from activists. activists climbed the stage during his time in phoenix. although appearing dismissive, his response has been comprehensive. he released a racial justice platform and hired a criminal justice activist as his new press secretary. sandra bland became a talking point in his speeches. sanders event was shut down in seattle by two black lives matter activists. >> ladies, i agree that black lives matter, but black manners matter as well. and also based on the demographics. if bernie sanders were asked to rally for a ben and jerry's flavor, it would be nila plies. joining me now, umi salah, who
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is the mission director at the dream defenders. what is the goal when activists shut down a campaign event like they did with bernie sanders and certainly as they attempted to do with jeb bush. >> i think we heard clearly from the women activists who shut down the event. the goal was to elevate the concerns and needs of the people who have been oppressed and marginalized. i think yet's disruption was a perfect opportunity to elevate the state jeb bush left. he increased mandatory minimums, he increased the harsh penalties for nonviolent drug offenders. he privatized the entire state he ran through our educational system privatized prisons, decreased public sector jobs. this is an awesome opportunity. you have to -- we owe them a
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debt of gratitude to remind people about the state that jeb bush governed for eight years and left in ruined. >> what mr. salah just said is not discussed or under discussed when it comes to the black lives matter movement. it's seen as a petulant group of people that are narcissistic and want their way. it's an expression of power, not simply a plea for change. >> i think one of the striking things about the reaction to the movement and the disruptive nature of it, this discussion, you're going to alienate some of your potential allies, and i think that fundamentally misunderstands what's happening here we've reached a point in the country where a lot of black folks have decided left, right,
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center, whether it's brunch or in your law firm, wherever it is in society, we will no honor allow the conversation to go forward unless you're going to center issues around racial justice, that's where we're at. it's going to be -- bernie's going to get it, jeb's going to get it they're all going to have this kind of treatment, and it's going to be part of the campaign. it's high time. >> when you think about what's happening here, what's your response to critics who say activists have misplaced their criticism for sanders and speak more broadly about black people who say black lives matter, they don't believe that all lives don't matter. it's obvious the other lives matter, maybe they should say black lives matter also, what do you think is involved with that expression and the kind of issues that lie behind it? >> i think the goal of any organizer, anybody that calls himself an activist, not just in
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this moment but historically, is to make people uncomfortable, we live in a day and age where folks have gotten extremely comfortable and extremely politically correct. to make people feel uncomfortable, put people in place where friction, energy and heat and conflict happens. does allow for some sort of resolution. for people who say that the discussion is misplaced when the doe baits are interrupted or conversation involving bernie sanders or someone who's seen as someone who is at least amiable with the movement, i think their critique is misplaced. quite frankly, until any of these candidates, approach the table, step to the mic and don't just scream pay slogan that says that lives matter but really advance a platform that changes the dynamics of the life of black people of poor people of
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women, of gay folks who have been sent to the curb, sent to the gutter, then the words don't matter. i think as much as these people are uncomfortable or scared to talk or go places, as brother wright said, this is the opportunity for people to really question themselves, their true intentions and whether they do believe that black lives do matter, if you say that all lives matter, you have to include black ones in there. you have to start advancing policies that match that slogan. >> to have been through the past year, and week after week after week we have literally watched a black person die at the hands of state violence. to go through that past year and have to ask why people are saying black lives matter, specifically, speaks to why the statement is necessary. >> well, do you think that when people argue that look as you saw jeb bush say there, white lives matter as well.
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the implicit assumption is not that white lives don't matter, it's obvious they matter. and the argument is to suggest that black lives have been -- had a deficit of recognition in the public space and square about the meaning of their lives. do you think that message is finally getting through, and that reaction has to be met with more force rhetorically? >> i think it's getting through, probably largely in the country. when we're talking about republican candidates for president, they are walking a thin line, because they have recruited a base of voters that don't agree, with the statement. >> will they be challenged? will more republican candidates. will donald trump be challenged. >> to live up to his word that he's going to fight the protesters? one of the beauties of this movement is how decentralized it is everything from lawyers getting together saying, how are we going to make black lives matter.
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we shall see. >> brother salah, bernie sanders had multiple interactions with black lives matter activists. is he being targeted more than other candidates? >> i don't know. as brother wright said, it's decentralized, i have no way of knowing who's getting targeted more, who's being met with. when we're talking about the rhetorical significance and what people do and how that relates to their actions, i think we have also laid out a narrative that black lives matter when it is around black death. they think they can say black lives matter when it involves state violence killing our bodies. we're looking for elected official officials toll advance an agenda that saves the lives of people,
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that includes not only black people, it includes everyone who is not included in the discourse right now which is pretty much everyone except people that look like bernie. >> you think private meetings served to talk to the groups? let me have both of you weigh-in. >> i think the proof will be in the pudding, we'll be able to see -- right now, it validates the people who they are meeting with, and it validates the campaign to say we've met with activists, we met with organizers from black lives matter, until you bring an agenda. people who can't find quality housing or education. it's b.s. >> we have a society problem, inside outside all of this needs to happen throughout the campaign. one thing is clear, while we're
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talking about bernie sanders, his campaign has improved remarkably on the issue of racial justice, while he's been challenged on this, he's a stronger candidate for candidate. if you support bernie sanders, you should be happy what's happened to him over the last few weeks. >> for those sitting at home going wait, i thought that was phillip agnew, umi salah, we appreciate you, my friend. still to come, hillary clinton is sending out a different kind of e-mail, this time we'll tell what she's e-mailing her supporters. trump is so confident he can win the gop primary. who he's considering for his running mate ahead.
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get connected. get insights. get optimized. hillary clinton's campaign is trying to control the narrative after turning over her private e-mail server to the fbi. campaign spokeswoman sent a message to supporters and the campaign posted a fact sheet online. they emphasize clinton only used her account for unclassified
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e-mail. the campaign stressed there's no criminal probe. one clinton official tells kristen welker, they have accepted the e-mails will be an issue throughout the campaign. that fact will continue perhaps to track the clinton campaign. clinton strategy is to focus on policies and aggressively go after her republican rivals. republicans have been very outspoken about the e-mail issue. here's what donald trump said on cnn. >> what she did is a real problem for her. i don't know that she'll be able to run, because it looks to me that the whole e-mail thing is a very criminal situation. and it could cause problems for years to come. >> clinton's democratic rivals are not joining in the republican chorus on the e-mails, her standing in recent polls has been mixed. the nbc -- new cnn/orc poll shows clinton maintaining a solid 19 point lead in iowa over senator bernie sanders. a poll released wednesday showed her falling behind sanders in new hampshire. clinton is heading to the iowa
2:18 pm
state fair this weekend. joining me now is jonathan alter. also brad wood house, president of the record, and former dnc communications director. let me begin with you. is it a good strategy for clinton's campaign to be proactive in releasing this fact sheet and to insist there are no criminal charges here yet? >> well, absolutely, i mean, i think it's appropriate for them to do it, you always want to be aggressive and pushing back. they have to do it. they have been targeted by the new york times, erroneous reporting. it's been beyond the pail of what the new york times has taken leaks on two occasions. they've suggested that laws have been broken, they they suggested that she was subject to a criminal investigation which wasn't true. the clinton campaign has been put in this position of going fact by fact by fact and point by point by point. it's the right thing to do. i think it's going to be effective, what we're seeing
2:19 pm
here is similar to what we saw in the 90s, there's this -- you know, there's this thing between some republicans and the press where they find a thread that they want to follow, it doesn't lead anywhere. the clinton campaign has to be persistent in pushing back. >> is this something the clinton campaign should be concerned about? or is it something the republicans are making hey over but ultimately may not pan out? >> i think they need to be concerned about it, because people believe what they hear. and read. so you have to push back strongly. i thought jen palmieri's e-mail began that process. it can't be done by an aide. hillary clinton needs to go out there and make the same points that jen palmieri made. she's got to defend herself. this idea of hiding behind aids, handlers, structures that insulate her from the press and the public. that's very 1990.
2:20 pm
so brad talked about how, you know, we saw this in the 1990s. true, but if the clintons play by the same playbook they did by surviving in all of those often phony scandals from the 1990s, they'll have a much harder time on this story. they need aggressive transparency, that means getting hillary clinton who doesn't trust the press, to get out there. here's the bottom line. >> you think social media has changes that. why -- >> it's totally transformed a media environment. if you don't trust the press and the public, because there are all these citizen journals out there too. if she's sending a message, i don't trust all you people, not just the old line media, but all of you bloggers and social media people, and anyone with a twitter account. i don't trust any of you people, that's going to be reciprocated, they won't trust her either. she has to rebuild trust with that entire media universe. that means radical transparency.
2:21 pm
i don't think she's going to do that. and i think she'll have a lot of trouble. she's obviously a very strong candidate. she's going to have continued trouble on these issues, until she makes a fundamental transformation. >> what about that. in light of the enormously changed social media landscape is one issue. clinton seems to have an issue with voters in regards to the questions of honesty. what does she need to do? >> i think you will see her do more interviews on this. i mean, every time she does interviews on this, republicans and the press find something else to nitpick about. if it's not her answers in substance, it's the tone. it's the tone of her answers, she's kind of dammed if she does, and dammed if she doesn't. she's going to answer more questions. this question of trustworthiness and honesty.
2:22 pm
she's under a criminal investigation, which was completely bogus, completely wrong, they took days to accurately correct it, at which point it had been repeated a million times. >> when the fbi has been called in, it's not that crazy. it's not the new york times, a lot of people in twitter land and other places are going to jump to that conclusion. they're just hillary haters that just digs you into a deeper hole. this idea that somehow you can manage your way out of it. or that she's dammed if she does or dammed if she doesn't. it makes you kind of cynical about trying to address the problem with real transparency. people are relentless now in terms of their desire for transparency. and to say well i'll never satisfy them is true. but also kind of irrelevant. because in this world, you have
2:23 pm
to do pretty much everything that you can in order to be open. you're not going to make it. >> michael, let's talk quickly about transparency. let's remember. she did turn over to the state department, 55,000 e-mails, colin powell turned over none. she did -- she has now turned over her server, her lawyer has turned over the thumb drive. she's asked the state department to get these e-mails out as fast as they possibly can. so you know, she's actually been more transparent in these dealings than say jeb bush was in turning his e-mails over, from his time as governor. no one cares what jeb bush did as governor. they only care what hillary clinton did as secretary of state. >> the reason for that is because again just look at today. she has jen palmieri writing the e-mail, defending herself. there were a lot of good points she made in that e-mail. there were republicans. >> you think hillary has to step
2:24 pm
up herself? >> not a substitute. >> you've been spending a lot of time to chaj topics with president carter working on a book, what's your response to the revelation that president carter now has a more serious case of cancer than had been previously thought or disclosed. >> it's actually just yesterday. it's very sad, he is an unbelievably vital and inspiring 90-year-old former president. i think people should are cautious about jumping to various conclusions with him. in november, he's scheduled to build houses in nepal. i'm going to go over there with him, and work on some habitat for humanity projects, i believe he will do that. he will modify his schedule to include treatment.
2:25 pm
but he's also going to do as much as he can. he's one of these people who -- >> for most of his life he's made every day count. and that's not going to end. he's going to be trying to make the world a better place for every day that he has on this earth. >> all right, jonathan, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> thanks, michael. a nightclub made famous by prince and his film purple rain. what happened during last night's live show next. last november, one new york town was hit with the snowstorm to end all snowstorms. nine months later the town is now expecting a baby boom. we'll have the story ahead. what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher
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sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. it's known as the birth place to some of the biggest names in music. first avenue nightclub in minneapolis not your ordinary concert venue. it's where prince filmed purple
2:29 pm
rain. today first avenue's doors are closed indefinitely after part of the ceiling collapsed during a concert last night. it was a frightening scene. hundreds of people were inside at the time. and at least three people were injured. now first avenue's employees are scrambling to get the legendary nightclub up and running. >> the historic nightclub closed its doors last night, after chunks of the ceiling came crashing down during a concert. this all happened wednesday night, right in the middle of the performance by canadian rock band theory of a dead man, the show came to a sudden end when a 30 foot by 30 foot section of the ceiling came crashing down. smoke, debris and water started raining down on fans sends hundreds of concert goers running for the exit doors. >> i saw flashlights that were directing people out. >> everybody had turned around and we're looking, and suddenly, you can see these red lights
2:30 pm
flashing, and part of the ceiling just boom, caved right in. >> first avenue nightclub was quickly evacuated as the fire department investigated the scene, three people were hurt and two were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries. >> joining me now is jay bowler, the music editor for city pages in minneapolis. thanks for joining us. what are you hearing about the scene last night after the ceiling collapsed. >> basically, what i've heard is that it was a scary scene. the ceiling came down in two separate increments, there was water from a broken sprinkler pipe, there was smoke. i heard reports that people were screaming, of course. but also i've heard that the staff at first avenue did a perfect job of calming everyone down and getting everyone out of the venue, and they shut it down mostly as a precaution, and right now, they're putting every
2:31 pm
show on hold and waiting for city inspectors and structural engineers to give the go ahead, because they don't really know what happened. they're trying to figure out what happened. >> it's a fortunate thing that not more people were injured and no fatalities to be sure. talk about the significance of this club, and it's importance in the music world. >> sure, you use the word ledgen terry, when we came in from commercial, you certainly feel that with first avenue. when touring bands come through, you know they will make a prince joke or reference. and there's a reverence for the place. you feel it from acts that come all over the world when they come there, and, of course, in all the best venue writeups, it always ranks. and for good reason, prince made it famous, but the aura it projects is still very vivid in minneapolis. >> all right, when does the club plan to reopen? any insight about that?
2:32 pm
>> thankfully fewer people were hurt partly because the venue was two thirds full last night, when the ceiling came down. things could have been worse had there been a tighter more compact crowd in there. as for the reopening, shows tonight have been cancelled, shows tomorrow have been cancelled. they're kind of smaller local shows, the big one is saturday, when miguel, who is a very buzzi neo-soul, r & b star is scheduled to perform. that show's sold out, the venue is scrambling to relocate it, but that's all still very much up in the air. >> just hope he doesn't do one of those crawls through the crowd and kicks someone in the head again. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. more than a year to the presidential election, donald trump isn't wasting any time figuring out who might be his running mate. the details next.
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donald trump has had a longstanding relationship with professional wrestling. he has a spot in the wwe hall of
2:37 pm
fame. he owned raw for a week. he even put his hair on the line for a battle of the billionaires with company owner vince mcmahon. trump's tough talk is seen more on the campaign trail than in the wrestling ring these days. another former wrestler is hoping trump will pick him as his white house tag team partner. while discussing potential running mates, former minnesota governor jesse ventura asked, do you think the donald would ever think of asking me. they have a good relationship. >> if i were to get back into politics, could i expect your moral and financial support. >> 100% trump hasn't hinted at any potential vice presidents. ventura had a tough time making the short list he said he would strongly consider a female running mate. i'm joined by john nichols, washington correspondent for the
2:38 pm
nation magazine brian darling, senior vice president of third dimensions strategyies. >> is it a little early for trump to be dusk running mates, since he hasn't tied up the republican nomination yet? >> nothing is early, nothing is late for donald trump, he is absolutely writing his own rules and the truth of the matter is, talking about running mates is a good thing for him it allows him to expand his message out a little bit, and while we're talking about jesse the body ventura, who did pretty well in politics for a period there, we should understand that trump has said very nice things on a number of occasions about sarah palin, people should be conscious that you might be talking soon about repurposing a former vice president presidential nominee.
2:39 pm
>> does it sound like the donald to repurpose a person for anything that he wants the original, right? he wants the new thing? and do you think he might be considering sarah palin? who else do you think is on that list? >> it makes sense, sarah palin is a reality star as is donald trump. maybe linda mcmahon. she's someone who ran for senate two times, spent a lot of money. she's self-funded. donald trump is self-fundsed. it's a little early considering at this time in 2008, rudy giuliani was a front-runner. a month before the iowa caucuses, he declared himself a winner. i'm sure others are happy to hear him talking like this. >> the only woman running for the republican ticket is carly fiorina, who trump hasn't been especially kind to. you think she's anywhere on that
2:40 pm
list? >> i think definitely not, fiorina has been a critic of trump. in the republican happy hour debate, she criticized him for having a phone call with bill clinton. it seems like there's no love lost between that pair, and in fact, look, trump and jesse ventura make sense as a duo. trump is one of the most influential proceed poen ends of the birther theory. he's been known to scratch his chin and subsequent his eyes when 9/11 conspiracy theorys get floated. it would make more sense than trump teaming up with someone who says things that aren't unreasonable. >> the batman and robin of conspiracy theorys. tell us about jesse ventura's time as governor of minnesota. >> jesse ventura was a pretty remarkable player politically. he came out of wrestling, had a bit of a name.
2:41 pm
but game mayor of the town where he lived in and by most accounts was a credible mayor. he decided to run for governor. and everybody wrote him off. that was in ancient history. back when campaigns actually in some places were publicly financed and candidates participated in lots of debates. it was a lot more down home, and ventura did great in the debates. he did so well, he beat a guy named hump friday in minnesota. got into the governorship, from there on it wasn't as good. he was not a terrible governor in every sense, there are some things that he did reasonably well, but his governorship ended up as a one-term affair, and he exited it at the end of it, i think a lot of people thought at that point he was pretty well done with politics. most of the signals he's sent have been that he's been pretty much done with politics. i think this trump flirtation -- i'd be a little cautious about
2:42 pm
it, i am entertained by some of the suggestions of my fellow guests. at the end of the day, my sense is that trump will play a different game. and that is, that he will start to name prominent players who are popular with a lot of the republican base or maybe even beyond the base to help to buck his own candidacy, to build it up in some ways. i kind of don't think he's going to go with ventura. >> okay. >> betsy, ventura has been a vocal supporter of bernie sanders, with an interesting development there. what do you make of that? >> it's actually understandable that people would support both trump and sanders. both of them as candidates are huge surprises, to people in d.c. and new york, and the media elite on the east coast, and also they share this populous focus. trump and bernie sanders are on the same page in some ways about immigration, about how immigration can impact the economy, particularly illegal
2:43 pm
immigration, they are both foes of the trans pacific partnership trade deal. there aren't really any other presidential candidates making those arguably protectionist arguments central to their campaigns. the overlap is surprising, given how different their rhetoric and approaches are. the fact that ventura likes him, is not that weird. >> handicap it for us. who has the better chance of snagging the broader populous vote in america, beyond democrat and republican. does donald trump appeal more than bernie sanders kind of slightly cantankerous, appealing grandfatherly reach out to the broader american public? >> yes, i think donald trump has that star factor, he's someone who is very well known, i don't think bernie sanders is as well known. the thing that donald trump brings to the table is he's flirted with a reform party before. jesse ventura has.
2:44 pm
he's already talking about it. if he jumps into the race as a third party candidate, he's going to have some starpower. and he's someone who's against the elites of the party. he's someone who's been pushing hard against the republican party, the democrat party in the past. there are many things in his favor, i don't think he's going to make it and be the nominee for the republican party, he has a decent chance of jumping out. more so than bernie sanders, i don't see bernie sanders running as an independent. >> we'll see if trump can trump it. >> john nichols, nancy woodruff, and brian darling, thank you so much. still ahead, once named the most beautiful quarterback in the nfl, tom brady wasn't looking too hot in his court sketch yesterday. we'll tell you what the artist is now saying about her masterpiece next.
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2:47 pm
in an average month. the phenomenon has already been dubbed the snowvember baby boom. mercy hospital is bringing in extra staff and purchasing next cribs. perhaps next winter they will be chanting let it snow.
2:48 pm
2:49 pm
there's still plenty of air in the deflategate controversy. the players union said yesterday was a productive day. court adjourned without a decision. and both sides will meet on august 19th. tom brady attended yesterday's hearing to determine whether his
2:50 pm
four-game suspension will stand. sketch artists were responsible for painting the picture of what happened inside the courtroom. one artist's unique interpretation of the scene has football fans calling a interpretation has football fans calling a foul. sports media outlets called it scary. some said it made him look like a depressed zombie or like his face was melting. now james rosenberg is apologizing for the artistic take on the quarterback. >> everybody had expected me to make him look more beautiful or as beautiful as he is. when i'm under such pressure, i tend to just grab on to certain lines. i don't flatter people. so i have to apologize to tom brady and all his fans. i didn't make him look pretty enough. >> wasn't that an elegant what had happened was. it has already made her sketch a sensation turning the master piece into the mona lisa.
2:51 pm
unfortunately for photo shoppers, the judge presiding over the case says brady does not have to attend next week's hearing. coming up, twitter could lose one of the most prolific insulters if trump becomes president. we'll tell you why next. two streetlights. the only difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed. in a night, it saves a little energy. but, in a year it saves a lot. and the other street? it's been burning energy all night. for frank. frank's a cat. now, two things that are exactly the same, have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. i needed work done around my house at a fair price.f sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni...
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2:55 pm
he gave to sean hannity could make us all worry. >> a lot has been made over your twitter account. if you won the presidency, would you stay on twitter? would you be out there at 1:00 in the morning? >> probably a little bit less. i do get my point across. for years, if somebody did bad stuff to me, i couldn't fight back. now i have at real donald trump and i can tweet some stuff against them. if people like it, it is all over the world. >> say it ain't so. did you hear that? if donald trump becomes president, he will tweet less? that would be a serious loss for america. obviously, we would miss his attacks on his political rivals like truly weird senator rand paul of kentucky reminds me of a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain. he was terrible at debate. and i just realized if you listen to carly fiorina for more than ten minutes straight you develop a massive headache. she has zero chance. zero.
2:56 pm
and think about how a president trump would take on the meetd like when he called pollster frank hunts a low class slob. but donald trump was tweeting long before he became a presidential candidate and has offered his unique take on so many topics. like the time he tried to tempt president obama be to leave office. or his several days of thoughts. he urged pattinson for treating. quote, the relationship will never be the same. it is perfectly broken. or his thoughts on sewed. a i have never seen a thin person drinking diet soda. imagine how president trump would commemorate national holidays if this tweet is anything to go by. i would like to wish everyone including all haters and losers of which sadly there are many, a truly happy and memorial day. it's huge. it's really huge. joining me now, host of tell me
2:57 pm
everything on sirius xm insight. always good to have you, my friend. donald trump may be scaling back his tweeting, or thinking about it. but that doesn't mean he can't instagram. i want to get your reaction on this just today. >> i want you to respond to that. here's a trump tweet from earlier this month. i wish good luck to all the republican candidates that traveled to california to beg for money from the koch brothers. puppets. so deconstruct instagram for us and then tell us about his trump tweeting. >> i'm glad he's learned how to use final cut pro. that was incoherent. tell me, how many innocent
2:58 pm
muslims does president obama need on drone doyle get some respect out of these guys? we don't even need to get into how many people have been killed already in this escalation, this endless war. and donald trump is talking a good game. and look, bill clinton said it best a couple years ago after a democratic drubbing when clinton said americans would rather vote for someone strong and wrong than weak and right. i'm sorry he will be leaving twitter once he is elected and sworn in as president. he has said he'll make something better than twitter. it will be bigger, huge, with his name on it. cannot tell you anything about it. top people working. >> i love it. and let me say something about this media coverage. i'm glad there's so little going on that we can talk about trump. normally all is a dead zone. that for the same reason as o.j. and miss thing malaysian plane. this has never happened before. there is a real novelty factor
2:59 pm
here. and donald trump for all his hilarity, he is the guy who went up in that debate last week and said i buy off politicians. he told the truth. he told how it was done. and single payer health care. >> we have a minute left. you're a great analyst but also a performer. is this performance art at its highest? >> no. this is a guy who has never been told his entire life. donald trump had to work his way up from nothing to be born a millionaire. and no one has ever said no. think about george lucas and the prequels. nobody around to say bad idea. they were all afraid to lose their jobs. and god bless him for it. he is bringing out a new jar jar binks. >> if things getting hairy with the trumper, what do you think he ends up doing at the end of the day, should he not win the nomination? >> i would love to see him run third party. he will make it entertaining and
3:00 pm
he helps the other gop candidates. they get a big audience and he really helps fox news. >> always entertaining. thank you. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. tonight on "politics nation," the donald trump/rand paul smackdown. why it could be good news. plus, jeb bush's iraq apology tour goes from bad to worse. a new twist in the case of a woman found dead in her jail cell. and then outrageous story from right here in new york. why are some people taking photos of the homeless? and posting them on social media? welcome to "politics nation." we start tonight with the question for republicans in this election cycle. how do you sve


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